Hubert Rimpl

Starting over 20 years ago, I still enjoy working as a consultant. I started my career as a software developer and in the field of system development. Later on the challenges drifted more and more into the business area, business processes, finance and IT. I worked in a lot of different branches, e.g.  in logisitics, telecom, pharma, healthcare, eCommerce and in the industry. My huge background of technical knowhow is accomplished by an extensive experience in management.

My references

  • Consulting to evaluate the near-shoring of software development.
  • Optimizing the logisitics for a healthcare company.
  • Projectmanagement to implement an international logistics service provider (pharma).
  • Coaching of senior management.
  • Productmanagement for an international logistics service provider.
  • Programm management for the development and implementation of business support systems.
  • Implementation of revenue assurance.
  • My skills

  • Project management
  • Business process management
  • Change management
  • Software development
  • Product management
  • Service development and mangement
  • Finance and controlling
  • For nearly 20 years I fill my professional „tool box“ with experiences gained from different projects and roles. I have a broad experience in program an project management leading to a track record in successful implementations of telco projects (CRM, mediation, billing). It showed, that I was able to manage large organizational units. A merger of affiliates induces a large reorganizational process and it was my responsibility to manage the change. The key success factor always is communication – within the project team, with employees, with stakeholders – thus succeeds in bridging the gap between business processes and IT.

    My references

  • Project management introduction of a new CRM software in telecommunication
  • Business support systems for telecommunication
  • Change management in post-merger
  • Program management of development and introduction of business support systems
  • Software solution and business processes in intercarrier business
  • Product development of complete billing solution
  • My skills

  • Project Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Change Management
  • Product Management
  • Communication
  • Customer Care/CRM
  • Mediation, Rating, Billing
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Olav Riediger

    With more than 17 years of business experience under my belt I plan to add many more years to come. While still on the training in computer science in Bonn I started my professional career as a software developer, and quickly identified my real calling, the numerous disciplines of project management. In the meantime I had numerous opportunities to learn and refine my understanding of efficient project management both by enjoying additional trainings (i.e. PRINCE2) as well as working with different branches, e.g. telecommunication, automotive, public authority, and insurance. Management of IT projects, streamlining processes, as well as introducing tools within that context always proofs to be exciting to me.

    My references

  • Project Management of software development for utility libraries for telecommunication applications.
  • Project Management of a near-shore software development project within the AUTOSAR standard context.
  • Supplier Management for a car manufacturer for software tool support.
  • Project Management of a vehicle feature development project for a car manufacturer.
  • Service Management of IT platform services for globally distributed customers.
  • Project Management of IT platform upgrades & re-designs for a global insurance corporation.
  • My skills

  • Project Management
  • Communication
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Change Management
  • Nadine Izika

    Following my master’s degree in project management, I pursued a career in consulting. From that time on, I have already run through some stations in the project environment and consulting industry. Working in projects means to me flexibility and lifelong learning – a perfect combination to pursue my profession with pleasure and passion. I am currently strengthening the project business of Frankfurt banks. Particularly, I have grown in my experience through the project management office at corporate level. Thus, I could accompany numerous major customers of various industries in diverse projects. By now I know how to apply and use the project management methods.
    As an economist, I further offer besides the systematic proceeding in general project work analytical skills to the needed business understanding of your business and processes. This is confirmed by my working experiences in holistic consulting companies and close cooperation with Rimpl Consulting project managers from various industries. My colleagues appreciate me as a hard-working team player, who meet challenges.

    My references

  • Project coordination; trade / IT
  • Project management office in Frankfurt’s banking industry; level: expert
  • Setting and implementing a PMO structure; service industry
  • Master’s degree in project management, certificate in project management
  • Process and business analysis; logistics industry; certification according to ITIL
  • International project experience, large projects, at corporate level, nationwide
  • My skills

  • Methodological knowledge in the field of project management
  • Project work experience in different sectors and project sizes
  • Project work experience in different sectors and project sizes
  • Well-directed and secure use of project management methods
  • Competent knowledge of managerial economies
  • Controlling / finance
  • Controlling / finance (business economist)
  • Social and intercultural competence; particularly through international work experience and multicultural teamwork
  • German, English, Spanish, French
  • Carl-Oltmann Hinrichs

    With my study of Meteorology I ended up in the consultancy business 17 years ago, and I never regretted that. Starting in software development I switch later on to the testing field and supported my customers in big test projects. Grown on the complexity and diversity of the tasks, my willingness to develop good products still resists. My focus is on the interface IT-telecommunications, since a few years I worked as a system engineer in the area of digital radio networks. As far as my time permits, I’m engaged in energy management.

    My references

  • System engineering of emergency control centres
  • Consulting on system analysis of emergency services BDBOS
  • Support Rating and Billing in a big telco manufacturer
  • Test management on introduction of a route guidance service
  • Planning and roll-out of a net management system (digital radio network)
  • Test management of net management systems
  • My skills

  • Test- and quality management
  • Requirement management
  • Project management
  • Rating/Billing
  • Net management systems
  • Digital radio
  • Jan-Christian Marinesse

    For more than 10 years I have worked on IT projects for the telecommunications, financial and energy industries. Starting as a software developer, I moved into the field of business analysis and eventually to IT project management. I like my job because it gives me the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary and often international teams of highly skilled individuals to resolve challenging and pertinent problems. Together we secure and expand the capabilities and business models of our customers.

    My references

  • IT project management in energy sales
  • Business analysis in the field of natural gas storage and transport capacities
  • Business analysis for LNG trading
  • IT project management in eCommerce
  • Business analysis for the migration of a power trading system
  • Software development with Java, C/C++, APEX, and Ruby
  • My skills

  • IT project management
  • Business analysis
  • Energy trading and risk management systems (ETRM)
  • International IT projects
  • Software development
  • Klaus Bauschinger

    With more than 25 years’ experience in project management and development of software systems, I have the knowledge to make the most demanding customers happy. My skills I have demonstrated and systematically expanded in many different industries and projects. By focusing on project management and functional safety management I combine the structured approach and the desire for sophisticated technical solutions as my professional key objective. Strong analytical skills, extensive practical experience, effective communication and a wider background of technical knowledge support me. This will benefit my clients

    My references

  • Implementation and management of Functional Safety according to ISO26262 (several OEM Automotive)
  • Project management and system development of vehicle related special electronic control units (Automotive)
  • Project management and software development of braking systems (Automotive)
  • Project management and development of a web-based Data Warehouse System for marketing data (Pharma)
  • Design and development of a web-based intranet solution for production planning and controlling (Production)
  • Design and development of a Corporate Intranet Solution for a data center (Pharma)
  • Concept, design and development of a web-based Customer Information System (Semiconductor industry)
  • Concept and implementation of Document Management Systems for national and international customers (Banking, Industries, Insurance, Government)
  • My skills

  • International project management, certification according to PRINCE2
  • Functional safety management
  • Process management
  • Requirements management
  • Change management
  • Configuration management
  • Quality management
  • Software- and system development
  • Release management
  • Matthias Götz

    Since 15 years I am concerned with the development, introduction and operation of complex enterprise software systems. Starting as a developer, I moved over to consulting where I gathered substantial experience joining different projects. Meanwhile my focus is on Application Lifecycle Management, process consulting according to SPICE or CMMI and agile methods like SCRUM. I worked in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and chemistry. As a key success factor additionally to technical experience, I also have strong social skills such as communication skill and a good sense of self reflection.

    My references

  • Project management ALM introduction automotive supplier industry
  • Establishing agile methods (SCRUM and KANBAN)
  • Definition and optimization of engineering processes
  • Configuration-, change- and release management in application projects
  • Continuous integration
  • Product development ERP-PLM-Interface
  • My skills

  • Project management
  • Process consulting (SPICE, CMMI, SCRUM)
  • ALM
  • PLM
  • ERP
  • Software development
  • Object orientied analysis
  • Hauke Wintjen

    Following the completion of my computer science study 17 years ago I turned my hobby into my profession. Alongside my interest for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics I also developed an enthusiasm for object-oriented programming and software architecture. During my career, I acquired a profound knowledge in the development of applications in the telecommunications industry as well as Automotive Electronic Control Units. Having been involved in many projects focusing on the development of embedded systems I established an expertise in this area. This expertise combined with my wide experience in Software  Development allows me to provide process improvement consultancy to Customer projects.
    Using my acquired knowledge I also offer customized training courses including regular AUTOSAR training.

    My references

  • Project Management and Software Development for two Automotive Control Units aimed at comfort control with AUTOSAR and C with ISO 14229 diagnosis.
  • Development of Software Architecture, Process Consulting and Integration for an Automotive Control Unit with ASIL – B Level using AUTOSAR 4.1.
  • Project Management and Development of a data-based Roaming Planning tool with Oracle Apex and PL / SQL.
  • Design and Development of an Embedded Linux Surveillance Infrastructure for Telecommunication Installations in C ++.
  • Design and Development of an Embedded Linux Display Units in C ++ for a rail supplier.
  • Design of Requirements Management processes in the projects supported.
  • Creation of Version Control processes such as CVS, Subversion, CM Synergy, Git and their integration in Tracking and Workflow Systems.
  • My skills

  • Capability to perform a structured analysis
  • Ability to conduct professional discussions
  • Providing Object-Oriented Analysis, Software
  • Architecture, Design and Implementation
  • Requirement Engineering and Management
  • Version and Change Management
  • Process Consulting during a Software Development process
  • Lara Ritter-Schlich

    For 10 years I have been working in various functions within the consulting industry. I started with an apprenticeship as a clerk for office communication. This gave me the opportunity to gain an insight into different areas. As Assistant Account Manager and later as the account manager, I worked in the telecommunications sector mainly. That for I have experience in project staffing, project support especially in this sector. My task field has shifted towards recruiting and recruitment for different industries. Now I am working as Office Manager of Rimpl Consulting in the fields of recruitment, customer service, sales and office organization.

    My references

  • Office Managerin
  • Account management
  • Telecommunications / Healthcare / Trade / Automotive
  • Personal care and recruiting
  • Data management (CRM)
  • Assistance in accounting and controlling
  • My skills

  • Recruiting and sales
  • General office
  • IT understanding
  • PMO (Project Management Office)
  • IT Verständnis
  • Produktmanagement
  • PMO (Projekt Management Office)
  • Event planning and execution
  • Michael Maruhn

    After more than 30 years in consulting, I am one of Rimpl Consulting’s most experienced employees. Although I have been working as a consultant for a long time, I look forward to each new day, because I enjoy the high level of personal responsibility, the flexibility and mobility keeps me young and passing on my skills and experience to younger colleagues is fun.
    In my career, I have gained experience in many areas, amongst others I have deep expertise in software architectures / design and implementation in the field of embedded systems, an excellent knowledge in the requirements and test management, as well as a lot of experience in project and quality management.
    In the automotive sector, I have worked as a manager for functional safety. Here I support our customers in both method and process work, as well as in projects.

    My references

  • Safetymanagement (electric powertrain, batterymanagement system)
  • Projectmanagement (semiconductor mobile communication R&D)
  • Quality Management / Safety Manager SW Automotive
  • Head of System Integration Automotive (Powertrain)
  • Quality Management / Project Coordinator Suppliers Automotive & Embedded Systems / Telecommunications
  • Head of system software engineering, Automation & Embedded Systems / Telecommunications
  • Architecture and implementation of systems and protocols in Telecommunications (ISDN, GSM, ERMES, Modacom, TFTS)
  • My skills

  • Requirements Management
  • System Design, Architecture and SW (Embedded Systems)
  • Test management
  • Problem and Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Process consulting and implementation
  • Safety-related system development process
  • Personnel and budget responsibility
  • Roland Pons

    Project management, analysis, philosophy, knowledge transfer and willingness to create wholeness out of individual parts distinguishes me at Rimpl Consulting.
    Project management, because each task is only successful through proper control.
    Analysis, because only by extracting the relevant factors of the project a viable solution is possible. Philosophy, because the reduction of a task to its technical aspects only obscures the essentials. Knowledge transfer, because conveying technical content to various stakeholders of a project is very important.
    Create wholeness out of individual parts, because I do not hesitate to share my experience and ideas when challenges emerge.

    My references

  • Management of complex and cross-division projects in VoIP technical product management
  • Conceptual design, budgeting, planning and implementation of system designs for new service features, database migration and extension of an existing VoIP IMS platform
  • Technical coordination of the roadmap development between product marketing and its realisation in the mobile communication area
  • Implementation and introduction of project management tools and wiki- based information systems
  • Planning and controlling Rollout projects in Mobile Telephony
  • System acceptance of network elements in Mobile Telephony
  • My skills

  • Requirements Management
  • Project Management (PRINCE2 / GPM)
  • Operations Management ITIL
  • Process Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Product Development and Launching
  • Network Technologies / Protocols / Architecture
  • Software and System Development
  • FVendor Management
  • Testing and Quality Management
  • Release and Rollout
  • Jens-Peter Hack

    After completing my mathematics studies in 2001 and a few years at SAP and capgemini / sd & m, I have now found my professional home as a requirements manager and software architect ABAP / Java. My understanding of both – the interests of the subject and the language of the developers – is of great benefit to me. From time to time, I also like to put my hands to work and program myself.
    At the same time, I have also found the employer, where I feel completely comfortable. Why Rimpl Consulting? Because I am given the freedom to be independent and I am integrated into a charismatic and diverse team where values and humanity count. I keep on enjoying this again and again.

    My references

  • Main responsibility for the technical conception of an occupational safety and health standard software for the operation of integrated care contracts
  • Design and development of an industry solution for statutory health insurance (GKV) on an SAP basis, especially in the areas of „damage“, „replacement services“ and „care management“
  • Design and development of various SAP NetWeaver ABAP / Java components
  • My skills

  • Requirements Engineering
  • Design of complex software architectures
  • Intermediary between department and development
  • SAP System Skills
  • Software development ABAP and Java
  • Lina Hedwig

    Working in a PMO requires a variety of skills for the maintenance and successful completion of projects. In addition to the close communication with the project managers and the project teams, an efficient documentation of results and agreements as well as an error-free tracking of processes and project developments are key to every PMO.
    With several years of experience in project management and PMO I bring structure and calmness to my work. In addition to a healthy exchange with the projects, I pay particular attention to a complete documentation of the process and the traceability of the results. This is how I guarantee that all stakeholders have a full understanding of the project at any given time.

    My references

  • Implementation of a multilevel and international PMO at three decentralized locations
  • PMO for international SAP implementation, incl. drafting of document templates, meeting management, introduction of new project managers
  • Support in Portfolio Management
  • Main responsibility for the technical conception of an occupational safety and health standard software for the operation of integrated care contracts
  • Research of company-relevant topics (digitization, legal framework)
  • Project management (certification in PRINCE2 and ITIL)
  • My skills

  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Application of project management methods (e.g. PRINCE2, Hermes 5)
  • IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering
  • Documentation, reporting, tracking, planning
  • Presentation and moderation skills
  • Business fluent in English, intercultural competence
  • Organization of conferences and workshops for 50-1000 people
  • Maike Nehnes

    The Project Management Office offers a broad spectrum of tasks which allows me to accompany a project from initiation to completion. This is precisely what makes my work interesting, varied and challenging. When solving problems in the project context, my good methodological knowledge, my organizational skills and my ability to quickly move into new contexts help me. This is how I can take every new task as an opportunity to help my clients achieve their goals while improving my own abilities.

    My references

  • Creation and processing of project documents, reports and templates
  • Preparation of presentations and decision templates
  • Project planning and risk tracking
  • Organization, preparation and monitoring of meetings and workshops
  • Performing research and analysis
  • My skills

  • Certification according to PRINCE2 and ITIL
  • Development and implementation of a training based on the project management manual of Rimpl Consulting
  • PMO support for a large IT infrastructure project
  • Conduct the configuration management for various projects
  • Ingo Winterscheidt

    After almost 25 years in the IT project and software environment, I offer my consulting services as a generalist with a business background and broad IT knowledge in the areas of social economy, high technology, manufacturing, energy and financial services.
    I successfully manage projects through the tension triangle of budget, quality and time. My main focus here is the optimization and harmonization of processes and business intelligence. In addition, the topics DMS, CRM, EDM and ERP were my constant companions.

    My references

  • Creation and processing of project documents, reports and templates
  • Project management in software engineering in the energy industry and in the CRM / DMS area
  • BI (analysis and reporting)
  • Organization and process consulting in the social and energy industry
  • Requirements engineering in the financial, manufacturing and public sectors
  • Agile project management in software development
  • My skills

  • Project management (PRINCE2 and classic)
  • Communication and team management
  • IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering
  • ALM
  • Process Management
  • Software development and system design
  • Change Management / Release Management