We are a young company with ambitious goals. Rimpl Consulting is growing, and you can significantly contribute to this success.

For all our locations, we are looking for generalists with experience as well as specialists for certain topics.

You fit in with our company, if the below describes you:

You should join us as a top professional; you do not put yourself into the front for gaining recognition and appreciation for your performance.

You should join us as an all-round-professional, because you can apply and expand your knowledge in exciting projects.

You should join us as a person who knows how to listen, but also knows how to engage to development our company in a managing position.

We are not only technically and thematically very good, but also emphasize open communication, collegial and are respectful to each other. We have internalized what is called professional ethics. We enjoy success and are willing to engage with our company and customers.


Job offers:


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